Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 2 Update

So this week has been a bummer.  I got through the first three days  of week 2 but had to stop due to illness.  I felt sick earlier during the week, but pushed through my workouts anyway. By Thursday, I was totally out of commission.  I didn't want to skip classes or cancel teaching sessions though, so I forced myself to get out of bed each morning. I was so wiped, I went to sleep at 7 PM every night. Anyways, I finally feel a little better today. Although I'm disappointed that I had to put my exercise regimen on hold, it was for the best!  

Since I didn't get to finish week 2 of Insanity, I'm just going to repeat it starting tomorrow! I may have had to put my fitness plans on hold temporarily, but I'm ready to get back into the game.  


  1. awww sweetie u take care of your health and dont strain ok..i had sore throat too a week back gosh so had loads of hot soup and slept hehe...take it easy a lil...

    1. Thanks for your concern, sweetie :) I got lots of rest!

  2. this is so very true! Just don't give up!

  3. great image! It's so true!



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