Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 2 = Complete

Man, these last few days have been rough.  I've been waking up super early to squeeze my workouts in.  I really like exercising at night, but when's school's in session, I end up making way too many excuses for myself.  "I'm too tired", "I still have so much homework to do", "practicing piano takes priority", "blah blah blah".  I wanted to make sure I had NO excuse.  I mean I'd get evicted if I started practicing at 6:30 in the morning, so I might as well work out =P  It's going to be tough for a while, but I know my body will get used to it soon enough!

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Today I finished week 2 of "Ripped in 30".  Some of the exercises are just brutal  - she offers modifications most of the time though.  I found the pendulum lunges with serving biceps and stork stances with upright rows to be the most challenging.  Anyways, I'm excited to see what week 3 has in store!  

OH, and I forgot to mention that I started using 5-lb weights!  I was proud of myself for upgrading.  I know it's only 2-lbs heavier than before, but hey, it's still improvement!  I'm willing to celebrate small victories! =)

Have any of you tried Jillian's yoga DVDs?  If so, would you recommend them?

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