Thursday, March 21, 2013

Insanity Updates + Fit Test #3

Sunday Weigh-in:  111.8 lbs
I started month 2 of Insanity on Monday.  I'm in so much pain right now.  Everything hurts like a [insert expletive].  My friends really weren't exaggerating.  Month 2 sucks!  Each session that I've done so far is about an hour long, and the exercises are REALLY freakin' challenging.  I guess that's why recovery week was so chill.  I was cruising along just fine; in fact, I even did extra cardio on the side!  Well, I definitely won't need to hit the gym for additional workouts anytime soon. 
I wanted to update you guys on my 3rd fit test.  Here are my newest numbers, complete with extra repetitions in parentheses:

1.  Switch Kicks:  111 (7)
2.  Power Jacks:  58 (5)
3.  Power Knees:  115 (5)
4.  Power Jumps:  49 (7)
5.  Globe Jumps:  13 (1)
6.  Suicide Jumps:  26 (3)
7.  Push-up Jacks:  32 (4)
8.  Low Plank Obliques:  72 (12)

I've been beating my numbers and cranking out more reps each time, so yeah, I feel like a boss!  I'm looking forward to completing Insanity.  The next couple of weeks are going to be tough, but I'm gonna destroy this program.  

What program should I tackle next?  How are your workouts going? I'd love to hear about your progress!

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  1. Beachbody has another program. I forget exactly what it's called. Insanity: the Asylum, I think. Or, if you wanted to put some muscle on while maintaining your cardio condition, you could do a P90X/Insanity hybrid.


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